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HiroMacro Auto-Touch Macro


HiroMacro is available on Android devices with auto-touch macro.Script by recording a user’s touch to create jobs, and it can be played repeatedly.Using a simple scripting language. You can easily implement powerful features.In order to use the HiroMacro Android devices should be rooting.HiroMacro must have root permission. Size : 1.9MCurrent …

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A very easy to use counter for the famous Five-Minute Plank exercise. You know what is the next position and when to change it.The Five-Minute Plank uses relative inactivity to challenge the abdominal muscles and strengthen them. In five minutes you get to exercise as many parts as possible of …

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Speed Dial


– Unlimited contacts in each group. – Up to 8 columns. – Google drive backup. – Home screen widgets. – Swipe/Fling between the groups. – Languages: Deutsch (German) English (English)(…)

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Perfect Screenshot Capture


Sometimes surfing Facebook you encounter a interesting article you want to save but do not know how capture your phone screen. With Perfect Screenshot Capture application is best screen capture app, you can easily capture screen images to save. Sometime you wonder yoursel how do you screenshot?The application supports screen …

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Changelog Droid


The app is currently not maintained. There is an (unlikely to be fixed) issue with paid apps. Please don’t contact me in this regard.Are you tired of going through every updated application on the Play Store to see what the developer has changed? Changelog Droid solves this problem by fetching …

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Jump Nuts


Help the hungry squirrel jump on the nuts – but they are out of reach! Luckily you can jump far enough. Try not to fall down!. Tap the screen to jump on the nuts.. Find gems to unlock more hungry squirrels. How far can you get? Size : 12MCurrent Version …

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Volume Unlock Power Button Fix


Volume Unlock Power Button FixVolume Unlock Power Button Fix is an app designed for phones and tablets with faulty or broken power buttons.Volume Unlock Power Button Fixwith this really nifty app running on your Android, you can use the volume button instead of the power button to wake up your …

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Circular Hola Launcher Theme


Circular Hola Launcher ThemeIt’s simple, smooth and bright. Easy to use, it really convenience for anyone! Notice:This is not a stand-alone app – You must have “Hola Launcher” to use! How to Apply the Theme:1. Download and install this theme;2. Make sure Hola Launcher is open; and3. Go to Personalize, …

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Automate various tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Create your automations with flowscharts, automatically change settings like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC or perform actions like sending SMS, e-mail, based on your location, the time of day or any other triggered event. You can automate almost everything, Automate even supports …

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Pocket Bubble Level


Pocket Bubble Level – perfect app for every handyman, DIY and smartphone holder. Accurate, nice and easy to use, at the same time very functional.Install this application and you will have a spirit level is always handy.Our pocket bubble level on Android uses the accelerometer and gyroscope (depending on smartphone …

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