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Daff Moon Phase


This application displays current Moon phase, Moon phases for any month and other real-time information about the Moon, the Sun and all other major planets. Main features:. Current phase and age of the Moon;. Moon phases calendar and Rise/Set calendar for any month;. Full Information about Lunar Eclipses with visualization;. …

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This is an app for power users that miss the old good Taskbar, ALT-TAB shortcut, WIN+[n] shortcut or workspaces on their Android devices. PinTasking allows you to create floating shortcuts in form of pins, on demand and based on their current task and workload.Features:• pin apps/tasks/documents to access them quickly …

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Beacon Flashlight-Multi LED


Beacon Flashlight, a feature-rich flashlight featuring highly-recommended security, stability and convenience, also power saving, customized with variety of strobe light!Unique features:LED flashes when there are incoming calls , so you’ll never miss an important call! The most stable flashlight can be adapted to more than 10000 kinds of phones! . …

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Network Master – Speed Test


Network Master is a small, fast and free network tool. You can identify phishing Wi-Fi hotspots to protect your online security, test network speed to find fast WiFi hotspots, detect all devices connected by professional network analyzer, optimize internet bandwidth by terminating unauthorized background apps, monitor 3g / 4g data …

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Lower Brightness Screen Filter


Have you ever set screen brightness to the lowest but it still so bright?If you feel the screen is so bright and you want to reduce it. You need this application called “Lower Brightness”.“Lower Brightness” application help you reduce brightness to any level. You can set brightness level from 0% …

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Ketchapp Summer Sports


Dreaming of becoming a star of the Summer Sports? Well, now you can!Ketchapp Summer Sports is a fun arcade game to compete with your friends and worldwide.Collect coins to unlock new items. Improve your timing and reaction skills to perfect your results.Are you up for the ultimate challenge? Beat the …

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Andromium OS (Beta)


Andromium OS is currently in LIMITED TIME free public beta.Andromium OS turns your android device into a full functional computer by attaching your device to TV/Monitor and Keyboard and Mouse. Recommended device specification:Snapdragon 800 or better processor2GB RAM1080p external monitor For more information, see our website at www.andromiumos.comFor instruction on …

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Spreaker Studio


Take over the entire production of your own podcast or radio show with Spreaker Studio.Spreaker Studio transforms your device into a fully-equipped radio studio, allowing you to broadcast live or pre-record podcasts while adding tracks and sound effects. Easily share your content on Facebook and Twitter, and be heard by …

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Z Launcher Beta


From Nokia, a re-imagined way to use your Android. Adapts to you. Launches anything in one second. Throughout the day, Nokia Z Launcher is learning how you use your phone and promoting your favorite apps so you can get to them faster. The more you use it, the better it …

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Learn Salah


Aslamualikum this app is meant to help those who are new to Islam.And to those whom rediscovered Islam!. This app contains video only which shows the basic way to do Salah/prayer.there are dua’s additionally which can be recited during Salah/Prayer which is highly recommended but if you don’t do there …

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